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Cleaning & Care Products

Cleaning and care products are necessary to keep appliances working well and extend their use.

Our cleaning & care products are specifically designed to enhance the performance and ensure optimal hygiene of your coffee equipment.

Cleaning tablets are used in all fully automated coffee machines, they dissolve during the cleaning cycle and remove coffee oils from the brewing components that build-up during use.

Descaling liquid is scientifically formulated to remove limescale from the internal water ways in your fully automated coffee machine and should always be used when poor water quality and hardness is present.

Our milk sanitizer eliminates bacteria and unwanted deposits on parts associated with frothing or heating milk. Most fully automated coffee machines will present a cleaning and rinse cycle where sanitizer must be included to ensure hygiene and optimal functionality. Sanitizer may also be used on commercial Espresso machines where steam outlets are used to texture milk.

Espresso machine Special Detergent is a granulated powder specially formulated to dissolve coffee oil deposits from brewing screens and porta filter handles. A blind filter in conjunction with detergent is required to successfully complete the necessary back-wash procedure on your espresso machine. It is very important to complete cleaning cycles regularly as coffee oil deposits will impact on the functionality as well as the taste of your coffee.

All our cleaning & care products have been tested and certified for daily use. Follow the guidelines provided by your equipment manufacturer to ensure the optimal performance and best tasting coffee.