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To any main centre throughout South Africa.

Signature Coffee Blends

As Artisan Roasters we aim to entice the pallet. Coffee is an organic matter and influenced by many factors and inevitably our blends will therefor vary in taste from season to season. Coffee is generally harvested once a year during the dry season and new crops always promise to add a different dimension to our blends.

A coffee blend is created from beans gathered from multiple Origins. While single origin coffee tends to have a more unique flavour profile, coffee blends, and particularly Conti Coffee blends, are more well-rounded and balanced.

Pure coffee is a dark, red-brown colour. It has a pleasant aroma, a slightly bitter taste, and, typically, deep sour acidity. It’s also non-sticky, light form, and uniformly porous. Blended coffee can be a mixture of two or more different origins in various percentages. Mixing elements from different origins creates a rare, complex, smooth flavour profile. Aroma, mouthfeel, and aftertaste is expertly combined in Conti Coffee blends.

One of the main benefits of coffee blends is their flavour. They’re less distinctive tasting, aromatic, and better balanced compared to single origin coffees. The combination of different types of coffee beans in Conti Coffee blends contributes to a fuller flavour.

Another advantage that coffee blends provide is that they’re more complex than regular, single origin coffee. Each of the individual components contributes to a more robust flavour. The additional care and quality involved in the process of creating Conti Coffee blends also results in a cup of coffee that’s incredibly high quality, with balanced flavours.

Artisan coffee blend creators like Conti Coffee design their coffee, with each batch presenting its own distinct quality. The procedures that go into making them improve the coffee’s quality, bringing out the terroir characteristics and adding a distinct character.

We create our coffee blends from scratch and strict rules govern the process. Each Origin is roasted separately (Apart from our Italian Blend) to enhance each one’s potential to add character. The beans are then rested for up to 3 days whereafter they are blended in different percentages to create the desired blend profile.

  • American Fusion
  • Brewers Blend
  • Continental Espresso
  • Espresso Deluxe
  • Espresso Fusion
  • Italian Blend
  • Javaliscious
  • Spitfire Espresso

We take great pride in our Conti Coffee blends. Trying a cup is the only way to understand the amount of care and work we put into each batch. Even the most discerning coffee lovers will appreciate the balance and complexity of our excellent coffee blends.