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Our experienced Conti representative will offer his services on-site to ensure that the quality of our brand is carried through to the consumer, this service is only available to our clients by appointment.

    Kindly take note: This is a Free service to our loyal clients only. We only train skilled labour in our mythology and product. We do NOT train waitresses or kitchen staff (they would need to complete an in-depth Barista course first). We believe in serving the best product in a skillful manner to promote employment and increase your sales without compromise.

    With Compliments - ContiCoffee

    Equipment Maintenance

    Coffee, Catering & Ware Washing

    As appointed distributor for our brands in South Africa, we carry comprehensive range of spare parts and back-up service to ensure that scheduled maintenance is carried out timeously.

      Kindly take note: Check a few things before requesting a chargeable call-out, Water feed is open and water pressure active, equipment is connected to power with suitable supply, the isolator on the DB board is on and the earth leakage is switched has not failed. Should you feel unsure at any time, ring us for telephonic assistance.

      Preventative maintenance is more cost effective than repairs or replacement, we will gladly assist you in keeping your equipment in good working order.

      With Compliments - ContiCoffee