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Ware Washing

Every café needs a fast and efficient way of cleaning their glass and ceramic ware. Enhance your service by installing a Glass / Cup washer near your bar area, you will be amazed by the results.

Ware washing is an important part of keeping serve ware clean. When it comes to washing dishes, commercial dishwashers are critical for making sure that everything is germ-free so that it can be re-used within minutes. Out of these, the Silanos DS G40 Glass Washer and Silanos PS D50 Dishwashers stand out as dependable and effective machines to clean different types of dishes and glasses. They will meet all your ware washing needs.

The Silanos PS D50 dishwasher handles tough cleaning jobs in busy food service areas as an industrial dishwasher. It is well-built and can wash dishes, utensils, and kitchen utencils quickly and thoroughly. The Silanos PS D50 dishwasher has multiple wash cycles that can be adjusted according to needs. Its high-pressure washing jets make sure dishes are thoroughly cleaned whereafter the heated rinse cycle will sanitised and shine. This aids in cleanliness and prevents contamination.

Working alongside industrial dishwashers, specialised equipment such as the Silanos DS G40 Glass Washer is designed to clean glassware and ceramic cups. Crockery used in bars, restaurants, and cafes often requires gentle yet effective cleaning to remove stains, fingerprints, and lipstick marks. It also needs to do this without causing damage. The Silanos DS G40 Glass Washer meets these needs with its intense cleaning and rinse cycles.

Both machines will enhance the workflow of any Café or Restaurant and ensure speady recovery of crockery and glassware for production of menu items. It is of utmost importance that these machines are used in conjunction with chemicals of high quality to ensure a long lifespan.

Now you can follow hygiene rules and lower the risk of foodborne illness more easily. Give your customers safe and clean dining experiences by using reliable and effective ware washing equipment.