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Anfim Professional Espresso Grinders

The Anfim product portfolio features espresso grinders for a range of performance requirements, from modest to fast-paced daily workloads and everything in between. We meet the most specific demands of quality-conscious baristas with uncomplicated functionality and aroma-saving grinding to deliver the best in performance and flavour.

Anifm Coffee Grinders

Anfim specialises in espresso grinders, and they’re known for their long-lasting build, high-quality burr sets, and precise grind particle size. Experts tell us that the grind is as important as the quality of the bean, and burr grinders like the ones Anfim produce, have become the industry standard for perfect extractions.

First up we have the Anfim Luna On Demand coffee grinder which can grind out an espresso shot in just five seconds. It offers a 3.5-inch intuitive touchscreen interface display and offers four programmable recipes that can be locked in for different recipes, origins or blends. This Anfim grinder has precise particle size control and it’s easy to clean, with all the most important parts immediately accessible, repairs and servicing is a breeze.

The Anfim Luna has stepless grind adjustment build around 65mm special steel flat burrs.

The Anfim Practica has 65 mm hardened grinding discs made of special steel, grind adjustment possible by a worm drive, and a locking mechanism that prevents unwanted changes to the grind. It additionally has single, double, and manual grinding modes that are fully adjustable.

This Anfim Practica grinder can grind 4.8 g of coffee per second and a 20g shot can be churned out, in under five seconds. It sports a digital menu display, a user-friendly interface with recipe presets, start-stop automation ensures that even if the porta filter is moved, the remainder of the shot will be ground upon reactivation.

For high volume demand, the Anfim Alba has raised the bar literally. It boasts the same awesome features as the Luna, but stands taller, has an upgraded power plant that is coupled to an 80mm burr set. Expect Espresso Shots in mere seconds with minimal heat transfer.