The company Sacome was formed is 1950 on the quay Conti in Paris where after it relocated to Monaco in 1956. From its humble beginnings Conti invested in its workforce and infrastructure giving the company the advantage of being able to create reliable and technically advanced espresso machines. Today they are one of the pioneers in handcrafted espresso machines.

Conti X-Forme

A highly advanced entry-level Espresso Machine that include an impressive list of standard features for its price tag. The Conti X-Forme is ideal for smaller cafes and restaurants and is great value for money for those looking to begin serving quality coffee. Stunning Matt Black or White with a tall-cup option for T-Away coffee. We also offer a custom colour pack should you wish to have your machine match your corporate identity. Available in 2 Group only.

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Conti X-One

A key feature of the Conti X-One is the digital display which gives the barista real-time information regarding extraction times and boiler temperatures, paired with LED barista lights giving the barista all the information they need to monitor and adjust their coffee extraction. Not only does the X-ONE feature the incredible temperature stability achieved by PID controls and unique ‘Flow Control’ system allows small adjustments to be made to the group temperature to maintain a very stable temperature. The X-One comes with a class leading 2 Year manufacturers warrantee. Available in 2 Group version finished in Black, Red or White.

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Conti X-One Evolution

With the same chassis as the standard X-One, but enhanced aesthetics and functionality. The Evolution incorporates a unique temperature control system allowing the user to easily adjust boiler and coffee water temperature by individual group, replicating the advantages of a multi-boiler machine. This TCI function also allows for increased hot water and steam use without affecting the temperature of the extraction water allowing the Conti X-One Evolution to comfortably and reliably service high volume sites. Perfect for busy cafes, the Conti X-One Evolution uses technology and innovation to ensure consistency and quality in high-pressure environments.

Available in 2 & 3 Group version in All Black, All Red and All White.

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Conti Monte Carlo

The incredible Conti flagship incorporates a Multi boiler configuration. The steam boiler is coupled with thermally insulated and independent coffee boilers, all controlled by PID (proportional integral derivative). Individually heated group heads ensure perfect temperature control on the final part of the extraction. Soft pre-infusion replicates lever style groups and allows the coffee to ‘bloom’ without pump pressure or exhausting (wasting) the initial coffee water which is crucial to balanced espresso. Independent group displays allows the barista instant access to group temperature, coffee boiler temperature and dose and pre-infusion settings. ‘Touch screen’ main display gives ultimate control over all machine settings and parameters and is password protected to avoid unwanted changes. USB interface allows software updates to be made. Volumetric counters shown on each group display, allows the Barista to perfectly control each shot. Teflon lined portafilters reduces coffee oil build-up to help maintain perfect flavour and speed up cleaning process. Cool-touch steam wands makes for safer use and is coated to expedite cleaning. The retractable cup stands slide inwards when not in use. Competition showers and baskets allows the barista to explore dose and grind size to optimize coffee flavour. The Monte Carlo 2 & 3 Group machines are available in black and white with various custom packs as optional feature.

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